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We share so much as people. Our emotions, dreams and goals connect us all more than we know or think. The journey of day to life, its hurdles and its triumphs are all shared. We empathize with these as people.

Monument is a collection of stories, poems and art from bands and individuals. These expressions of art touch on depression, sadness, joy, bullying and everything that we face. This book allows us to not face them alone together. This book is for us, all of us.

If you are in a band or not in a band and have a story or poem that you would like to share for consideration to be placed in our book, please email it to with your name, title of piece and email address.

All of the proceeds from the book will go to charities that support the bettering of people. We are in this together.

“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.”  ~Ivy Baker Priest



Pvris releases new video for White Noise

Pvris released their new video White Noise on

The video has a ghost, poltergeist kind of feel, which I enjoy a bit. I am a big Supernatural fan and like any thing that deals with the paranormal.

Check out the video!

Krewella releases Somewhere to Run

So I wrote a blog about how Krewella was releasing their second release, post Rainman’s departure, titled Somewhere to Run.

The song is for sure more poppy than their debut full length “Get Wet.” Below is a link to that track.

If you like EDM let me know what you think of the track!


I have been an AFI fan for I don’t know how long. I was listening to their album Decemberunderground and I was listening to their song Endlessly, She said.

I mean as I said I have been a big AFI fan for years but just recently have I really been LISTENING to their lyrical content. I think that this song may have done a lot for me in past relationships. I mean that’s what music is for right? To help you in rough times, to pump you up when you need it, to make you feel happy when nothing else does. Its our soundtrack to life.

I mean I have always known that music touches people. I mean I couldn’t imagine never hearing a song again or not being able to play guitar again. The therapy music gives to people, the epiphanies and inspiration are in-measurable.

I am going to challenge myself to go through all of my old favorite records and not just remember the words, but really dive into them, really get myself into the artist’s head. I think that I will find a new love and appreciation for the songs I already enjoy.

Trial and Error

I’ve made a lot of mistakes over my life, but I only remember a few. It’s not because these few that I remember were the worst, but because they forced me to change who I was.

I remember the first time I lied to a friend. Like seriously lied, about some serious stuff. No there was no blow up, there was no confrontation we just kinda drifted in opposite directions. After some time I began to correlate lies with losing friends, and honestly that’s all it takes.

I believe we are conditioned to associate any experience with positive or negative. If this is the case though why do we still do so many bad things to people and to ourselves. Does selfishness and greed trump this conditioning or are we trying to preserve our well being, our thought of ourselves.

We are constantly evolving as individuals. I have learned that it is better to help and to give to people. Even if they aren’t in “need” it is refreshing to be that extra gleam of hope in someones day. Is it selfish to want to be that for people? Perhaps. But I would prefer being someones hope than being someones downfall.

I want to challenge anyone that reads this to go 24 hours with being the best person they can be. No negative thinking, always being supportive of friends, families and strangers, and most importantly forgiving yourself.

Trial and error molds us, shapes us. Mistakes make us. Growing is what keeps us going. Growing is what gives us hope and allows us to see the future we want.  Lets be the people that we want to be.

Live-action ‘Attack on Titan’ movie releases a first look trailer

I can not tell you how happy this makes me!



If you don’t know what Attack on Titan is, watch this clip here. If you do know what Attack on Titan is, skip to the news below.

Attack on Titan became one of the most interesting anime shows to debut in 2013 and ever since then, the show has quickly gained popularity all over the world and has been one of Japan’s most advertised product. You may remember the Subaru commercial that aired a few years ago. If you don’t, watch it below.

When you finish with that or you just skipped to the bottom, enjoy this epic trailer and what is to come when this movie drops. It looks awesome.

(via Dobre Nobin)

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Miyazaki Tattoos

Howl’s moving castle has been one of my favorite movies of all times for a while now. My friend Markus loaned it to me to watch, along with the first season of Eureka Seven. I watched HMC and immediately fell in love with it.

The story was very entertaining, the music was phenomenal and the voice acting was done quite well (actually I thought it was quite cool that Christian Bale is the voice of Howl). Besides HMC, Hayao Miyazaki films are all very well done. They tap into the imagination of anyone with a pulse. The characters are always well developed, the turmoil grabs your attention, and all of Studio Ghibli’s characters are relatable.

I have always been into tattoos but admittedly only have one. I am thinking about getting a Miyazaki influenced tattoo. I mean from Howl’s Moving Castle, to Princess Mononoke, to My Neighbor Totoro, I think that a Miyazaki tattoo is something I would not regret (as long as the tattoo artist is legit).

Here are a few pictures of tattoos I found online that I think look pretty great featuring Studio Ghibli characters/films.

miyazaki tattoo 5 miyazaki tattoo 3 miyazaki tattoo 2 miyazaki tattoomiyazaki tattoo 4

I always believed that if you get a tattoo get something that means something to you, something that you won’t regret. Well personally I can’t think of any story teller, movie, or art that has effected my life more than Mr. Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli has.

What movies or art has changed your life? Are you just as big of a Miyazaki fan as me? What tattoo’s do you want? Let me know!

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Krewella to release new song Somewhere to Run

The Yousaf sisters announced that they will be releasing a new song titled Somewhere to Run. This will be the follow up to their last release Say Goodbye, which I think was an “ok” effort. Trust me I dig Krewella as much as the next troll but I just wasn’t impressed with Say Goodbye.

(Check out the song and let me know if you feel differently)

Somewhere to Run will be the second single release after the departure of producer/dj Kris Trindl a.k.a Rainman. I won’t even lie when Rainman left I felt like a kid in a divorce. I was really into Krewella and I loved the brother and sister vibe they gave when performing or just hanging out. Then to know that there were lawsuits pending for production and rumor that Trindl was kicked out and didn’t leave on his own…it was a lot to deal with.

Besides all of that Krewella is a solid EDM act and I am sure the EDM crowd will be anticipating greatness when this new single, and eventually album, is released.

The new single is set to be released March 23rd via Columbia records.

Keep up with the girls and what they are doing!

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Hands Like Houses release new single and video

Hands Like Houses just released a new single and music video for “I am.” The track will be released on itunes tonight, Monday, at 9pm PST.

I’ve been liking this band ever since there “Torn” cover of Natalie Imbruglia on the Punk Goes Pop vol.2 came out.

There have been bunch of their fans begging for something new from the band. So here, hope you guys are happy!

Check out both videos below!

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5 Saddest Anime Deaths

I have to believe that I am not the only person under the sun that gets a little bit weepy eyed when a character on my favorite anime dies. I read a list that compiled some of the most saddest anime deaths out there so I figured why not give mine. Check them out and if you don’t agree tell what anime deaths you think are the saddest.

Sword Art Online-Death of Sachi

Kirito was a lone wolf, well more correctly a “Beater” a hybrid of a beta tester/cheater of Sword Art Online where death in the game world meant death in the real world. This alone is depressing when you think about all of the characters that died in the game.  Sachi and her clan the Moonlit Black Cat’s deaths by far hit the hardest.

The only thing makes this sadder is the fact that Kirito promised Sachi that she wouldn’t die. To turn the metaphorical knife in the wound is when Kirito receives a post dated message from Sachi expressing her love for him and encouraging him to get stronger. She even closes out the message with a little holiday song she sings. Sad Stuff.

Blood+-Death of Moses and Karman

Blood+ is an anime full of death which is ok because it’s mostly chiropterans (vampire type creatures) that are being killed. There are two characters Moses and Karman of the Schiff who are very close. Both escaped from a lab where they were created and decided to fight for their own cause and with the rest of the Schiff. Unfortunately they are tremendously vulnerable to sun forcing them to move and operate in the night wearing dark cloaks. Due to a genetic defect Karman came down with the “Thorn” which weakens and cyrtalizes the body till it falls apart. With Moses being such a loyal friend they embrace their first and last sunrise together.

Naruto-Death of Itcachi Uchiha

To be fair Naruto has  a lot of depressing deaths, Asuma, Jiraiya, 3rd Hokage, I mean the list goes on. The one that got me was the death of Itachi. No it wasn’t the most dramatic death or the most touching at that moment, but it was the most defining death of the series. From the very first couple of episodes we understand Sasuke’s hate for his brother. He believes his brother is  ruthless and is the cause of this clans demise. We all come to realize that Itachi only did what he did for the sake of his village and especially his little brother by sparing his life that day. You could say that Itachi was the biggest patriot of Konoha.

Full Metal Alchemist-Death of Lieutenant Maes Hughes

FMA produced a lot of memorable characters. One character that stood out was Maes Hughes. With his loyalty to his best friend Colonel Mustang, skills with his trademark daggers, and his persistent need to show off his baby daughter he was an extremely likable character. Even up to the end he was doing his job and attempting to call Mustang with Intel on the homunculus who would eventually kill him in a phone booth.

Death Note- “L”

L was a true genius in this anime. His aptitude for analysis was only surpassed by his love for sweets and his awkwardness. I believe that we all could see a little bit of ourselves in L. What makes L’s death the saddest of all is it came from an unexpected sources. Yes, L at one time thought Light could be carrier of the Death Note but that theory had long passed and he developed a genuine friendship with Light, or so he believed. The death of L wasn’t just the end of his life but the end of Death Note. After he died the anime got really…really bad.

There you go. My thoughts on the saddest deaths in anime. I know there are way more out there so let me know what anime deaths had you weeping.

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There are only two things I have a very strong passion for besides music. One being cats, the other being superhero comics. More specifically the X-Men.

Imagine how I felt when I came across this gem. I’ve never been more happy and afraid at the same time. I introduce you to…

Magneto Cat

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